Welcome to the Klickitat County Democrats!

We have just passed our new,   2016 KLICKITAT COUNTY DEMOCRAT PLATFORM  based on the very progressive Washington State Democrats Platform.

 Our Calendar has specific dates and times or email us at DemsKlick@gmail.com. Our FACEBOOK page has more.


Ballots Are Out! Here are our Ballot Recommendations and Voter Info Links.

Recommendations  for General Election 2016, Nov 8th.

First, here are two links posted on Klickitat County Auditor’s page: 

Sample Ballot–SAMPLE BALLOT Nov 2016

Voter’s Pamphlet–VOTER’S PAMPHLET –Nov 2016

IF YOU HAVEN’T RECEIVED YOUR BALLOT call the Auditor’s office:  Phone: 509-773-4001 Toll Free: 800-583-8050

You can register only in person now through Oct 31 at the Auditor’s office in Goldendale.

 Klickitat County Democratic Central Committee (KCDCC) urges everyone to be an informed voter. Listed below are our  endorsements and recommendations  listed in the order they appear on the sample ballot.



I-1433, Increasing State Wide Minimum Wage: Yes           

I-1464, Political Ad, Lobbying $ and Public Campaign Funding: Yes           

I-1491, Prevent Access to Firearms by Mentally Ill and Violent Individuals: Yes           

I-1501, Consumer Fraud and Identify Theft Penalties Increased: Yes           

I-732, Impose carbon tax: Not sure at this time

I-735, Constitutional amendment- Citizens Unite, Corporations aren’t People: Yes

Advisory Vote 14, HB 2768, insurance premium tax for some stand-alone family dental plans: Maintained

Advisory Vote 15, HB 2778, Reduced taxes for alternative-fuel vehicles: Maintained

Senate Joint Resolution 8210, Constitutional amendment, deadline for completing state legislative and congressional redistricting: Approve



President, Hillary Clinton / Tim Kaine: Recommend

US Senator, Patty Murray: Recommend

Congressional District 3, Jim Moeller: Endorsed

Governor, Jay Inslee: Recommend

Lt. Governor, Cyrus Habib: Recommend

Secretary of State, Tina Podlodowski: Recommend

State Treasurer, Duane Davidson: Recommend

State Auditor, Pat McCarthy: Recommend

Attorney General, Bob Ferguson: Recommend

Commissioner of Public Lands, Hilary Franz: Recommend

Nonpartisan Office: Superintendent of Public Instruction, Chris Reykdal: Endorsed

Legislative District State Senator: No recommendation

Legislative District 14 State Representative, Position 1, Susan Palmer: Endorsed

Legislative District 14 State Representative, Position 2, Eric Adams: Endorsed

Klickitat County Commissioner 1, Pat Arnold: Recommend. Endorsement pending

Klickitat County Commissioner 3, No recommendation

Supreme Court Justice Position 1, Mary Yu: Recommend

Supreme Court Justice Position 5, Barbara Madsen: Recommend

Supreme Court Justice Position 6, Charles Wiggins: Recommend



TVWashington (TVW.org)    http://www.tvw.org/video-voters-guide/


League of Women Voters  (Selected Candidates and Initiatives) http://www.lwvwa.org/


Ballotpedia Washington State  https://ballotpedia.org/Washington_elections,_2016

Washington State Progressive Voters Guide:   http://www.progressivevotersguide.com/


SCORE CARDS for State: Jim Moeller, Gina McCabe, Norm Johnston, Curtis King:

 Washington State Progressive Voters Guide Scorecards:  http://www.progressivevotersguide.com/

  Washington State Conservation Voters:  https://wcvoters.org/scorecards/2016/#!housereps 

 Alliance for Gun Responsibility Washington State:  http://gunresponsibility.org/gun-responsibility-scorecard/


SCORE CARDS for Congress: Jaime Herera Beutler, Patty Murray 

League of Conservation Voters (Congress):  http://scorecard.lcv.org/

Planned Parenthood:   https://www.plannedparenthoodaction.org/congressional-scorecard#/washington/168



Washington State Labor Council:   http://www.wslc.org/election-endorsements/







County Convention and LD Caucus Big Success!


The county democrats turned out, once again and in force, to participate in the next tier of the presidential nominating process. Attendance was over 120, never have we seen this kind of turnout for our county convention! State Committee Man and Woman were elected, Congratulations to Chris Connolly and Mike Solbach!

67 delegates were seated, 56 for Sanders and 11 for Clinton. After speeches for both candidates, a final vote allotted 3 CD delegates for Sanders ( Lea Ryan, Cody Hipskind, Chris Connolly) and 1 CD delegate for Clinton (Betsy Shedd). These 4 delegates and 2 Sanders alternates ( Brad Spring and Cathy Myszkowski) will attend the third and final tier of the nominating process . This happens at the Congressional District caucus in Vancouver and also at the State Convention in Tacoma. Resolutions and Platforms changes were discussed and moved forward for additional discussion and action at a future general meeting.