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County Convention and LD Caucus Big Success!


The county democrats turned out, once again and in force, to participate in the next tier of the presidential nominating process. Attendance was over 120, never have we seen this kind of turnout for our county convention! State Committee Man and Woman were elected, Congratulations to Chris Connolly and Mike Solbach!

67 delegates were seated, 56 for Sanders and 11 for Clinton. After speeches for both candidates, a final vote allotted 3 CD delegates for Sanders ( Lea Ryan, Cody Hipskind, Chris Connolly) and 1 CD delegate for Clinton (Betsy Shedd). These 4 delegates and 2 Sanders alternates ( Brad Spring and Cathy Myszkowski) will attend the third and final tier of the nominating process . This happens at the Congressional District caucus in Vancouver and also at the State Convention in Tacoma. Resolutions and Platforms changes were discussed and moved forward for additional discussion and action at a future general meeting.